Kathleen Kelley is currently developing an evening length project entitled To the Land, which will premiere in Spring 2016. This large multi-modal work will include a live performance with interactive video technology, a companion dance film, and a book-length interactive e-manuscript that includes video, audio, and text. 

To the Land draws on Kelley's choreographic interest in the aesthetic, political, and ethical manifestations of brave actions and receptive bodies. Her choreography is grounded in the postmodernist heritage of abstraction and minimalism, but To the Land  pushes against this history, gesturing toward a recuperation of romanticism—not as nostalgia or sentimentality, but as a necessary utopic and political urge. To the Land engages the ideas of courage, earnestness, desire, and receptivity through a lush yet abstract lens.  The performance will include 5 dancers, interactive video projections, an original sound score by Greg Tuohey, and lighting design by Amanda K. Ringger. 

Below is video of a research performance on students at the University of Illinois.